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JL Films project shown at NFL game!

John Lendved

At the end of the summer last year (2015) I flew out to Iowa to meet Matt Ross, a father, farmer and veteran who lost the use of his legs, and fought through one of the biggest challenges of his life to learn to walk again. 

His story is inspiring, and we got to share it with a stadium full of NFL fans. I'll be posting some cell phone footage from the game coming soon. For now, here's the original video that was played at the game.

Alameda Antiques Fair Documentary

John Lendved

“I remember growing up, counting down the days until I would climb into my dad’s truck and be on the way to the best day of the month. The aisles of the market were an endless sea of treasure in my eyes."

- Lily



My Rode Reel Film

John Lendved

Sometimes, you have to just cut loose and have a good time making a film. We'd just come off filming a large and demanding project called A Cold Day in Hell when Brianna and I set off on our road trip. Along the way, we filmed and took photos of the many stunning and stark places the road offered us. We stopped in San Diago to film a skateboarding competition, and made our way up the Coast. Once back in Wisconsin, though, we were inspired to make another film with the same team from A Cold Day in Hell, but with a twist.

We decided to make a film during the limited time I had left in Wisconsin. Since we're planning to do the 48 Hour Film Festival this August, this was something of a warm-up. We all met up at a coffee shop and began to write the script. Coffee turned to pizza, pizza to beers at my old house. We banged out the script in an evening, got some wonderful actors, and filmed it the next evening. We goofed around, made Jeremiah do gross things in zombie makeup, and shot this little film. Enjoy our Zomcom, Meat the Parents, and the behind the scenes video.

If you like the film, please vote for us on the My Rode Reel Page!


Meat the Parents


Behind the Scenes




An Exciting Upcoming Project

John Lendved

I spent weeks putting together a new demo reel, website, logo and an entire new brand under JLFILMS.NET. All of that is very important, but I recently received a reminder just how much personal connections still matter. A lot. I was at work at Looking Glass Photo in Berkeley where I work part time (and learn heaps about photography) on a Thursday when I saw a text from my friend Sara Soka, who was also the campaign manager for Berkeley vs Big Soda. In August, we collaborated on a campaign video. Sara and I had worked together at a public health communication firm. Though the gig didn't pay much, I believed in the cause and moreover was happy to help out a friend. The video was a blast to produce and I met half of the population of Berkeley (the campaign video we produced is linked here). As soon as I had a free moment at work, I went upstairs to read Sara's message. The message said that the producers of Robert Reich's last film, 'Injustice for All' (available on Netflix) were looking for help the next day. She had already told them about our previous experiences working together. At the bottom of the message was the producer's name, email, and phone number.


The next day I met the rest of the crew early in the morning. We had a great day doing a few interviews, filming one of Robert Reich's impassioned lectures and running from place to place on the UC Berkeley campus. I worked extensively with Jesse Dana (JESSEDANA.COM), a very talented cinematographer and all around nice guy and Dave Wendlinger, who ran sound expertly, though he is also a very good shooter. We got to play with some awesome toys including a Sony F5 and F55. I was happy to see Jesse with the sigma 18-35 1.8 in his F55. I own the same lens and will be doing a review of it down the road. I enjoyed meeting Robert Reich. "Hi, I'm Bob," he said to me with a smile and an extended arm. Seems we're on a first name basis. Bob was Clinton's secretary of labor, he's written many books, he's an active professor at UC Berkeley, Google him for a more complete list of credentials if you like, my point is, he's an impressive guy, but still managed to be down to earth and very nice. You never get the impression that he thinks he is above you.

Robert Reich during our evening interview.

Robert Reich during our evening interview.


Keep your eyes open, this was all for a teaser of the documentary we will hopefully be getting off the ground very soon. It's called 'Saving Capitalism' and it's about how to make our current economic system work for everyone.