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My Rode Reel Film

John Lendved

Sometimes, you have to just cut loose and have a good time making a film. We'd just come off filming a large and demanding project called A Cold Day in Hell when Brianna and I set off on our road trip. Along the way, we filmed and took photos of the many stunning and stark places the road offered us. We stopped in San Diago to film a skateboarding competition, and made our way up the Coast. Once back in Wisconsin, though, we were inspired to make another film with the same team from A Cold Day in Hell, but with a twist.

We decided to make a film during the limited time I had left in Wisconsin. Since we're planning to do the 48 Hour Film Festival this August, this was something of a warm-up. We all met up at a coffee shop and began to write the script. Coffee turned to pizza, pizza to beers at my old house. We banged out the script in an evening, got some wonderful actors, and filmed it the next evening. We goofed around, made Jeremiah do gross things in zombie makeup, and shot this little film. Enjoy our Zomcom, Meat the Parents, and the behind the scenes video.

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Meat the Parents


Behind the Scenes